Saturday, 9 July 2016

There Is No Destination Without The Journey

I'm an artist. Anyone that follows my social media knows that. I long for that gratification and satisfaction you feel after creating something. 

I'm an artist. Noted. I also do a lot of other things; I'm a writer on both a blog but in terms of poetry too. I am a singer/songwriter/performer which not many people actually know about.

However, not only am I a creator, but I love the feeling when you find a small artist. Whether they're a singer/songwriter, a painter, a designer, a poet, a journalist, a film director, a photographer, a musician - they're ability to create is satisfying to those around them.

There's something about watching a creative process; sometimes its a slowly developing sketchbook, or a song someone has jammed out in five minutes. The creative process, for me, is so much more interesting and valuable than the final outcome. Without the journey, you would have no destination. Without the process, you would have no promise.

I aspire to be a creator in life. Graphic Communication is my university goal, and hopefully my own business afterwards. HOWEVER, none of this comes without the love for creativity, and the willingness to accept the ambiguity of what art can throw at you.

I have a bigger love for creating than I do for preserving. I'd rather create something and put my own mark on it, as an artist; rather than preserve a piece and change it, and instead be a designer.

Life is creation in itself. Man, is it beautiful.

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