Friday, 19 February 2016

Beauty Trends: Contouring & Strobing

Things come and go, obsessions last and fade but what never changes is human need to constantly invent, try new things and move from one passion to another.
It is no secret that both fashion and makeup world are driven by the insatiable need to rely on all that’s beautiful, twisting it and turning it to a point of perfection (if perfection is ever to be achieved). Will beauty save the world? We have no idea – but it will definitely make for a good pic!
Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you must’ve caught at least a glimpse of the contouring – the makeup obsession we have collectively gone cray cray over, especially due to its popularity among the multitude of celebrity cliques, Kardashian clan primarily. In all honesty, contouring is an amazing makeup skill and it can indeed transform a face if done properly. If you don’t need a transformation but a simply emphasizes on your favorite face parts, contouring will help with that, too. However, it’ll last – a regular contouring session will last from an hour to three hours which is, you’ll admit, a loooot of time in the world where we don’t have time for anything! Plus, tones of makeup used to achieve the perfectly contoured look aren’t only cha-ching expensive but they are also bad for the skin in the long run.
It might be that these two are actually the reason why makeup artists came up with contouring sister-technique, that takes much less time and requires much less makeup. That, or they got bored with all the contouring talk. On top of that, youtubers need to earn a buck and how would they if they didn’t have new tutorials on new stuff to prepare, right? Anyhow, ladies and gents, we give you – strobing!
Strobing is a new makeup technique whose goal is to emphasize your strong face features (or define them if they aren’t visible enough) in a pretty simple way; cheekbones, nose, chin, cupid’s arrow as well as the underbrow section are the best strobing targets. The idea is to use a special shimmery and whitish highlighter on segments of the face that would be hit by light, i.e. catch the light.
By perfect examples of strobing queens Gigi Hadid, Olivia Munn, Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington, Kendall Jenner and many others we’ve witnessed how amazing strobing may look if done well.
Strobing should be the final step in your makeup; foundation, blush, etc. products will be under the top strob-layer.
It’s important to mattify the areas you don't want emphasized, such as your chin, forehead and the tip of your nose before you strobe -  —otherwise, your whole face will just look greasy.
Next, using your highlighter of choice (make sure you opt for one that agrees with the color of your skin) — apply a small amount to the areas of your face potentially hit by light to emphasize them even more. To apply the highlighter, you can use either your finger tips or go for high quality makeup brushes that can help you with perfect finishing. There are brushes that are specially made for contouring and/or strobing, so you may want to look into that. Don't forget to blend, either with a buffing brush, a sponge or your fingers.
celeb contouring.jpg
To get strobing just right, it’s important to avoid anything sparkly – remember, you are going for a sophisticated look, not the imitation of the ’90 vibe. Also, if you want to go with a matchy-matchy combination (and if you are in a hurry) you may pull the lip gloss trick on your face. It’s simple and pretty cute (and probably best for girls who wear minimal makeup but still want to look chic). Use the same lipgloss you are using on your lips for strobing on your face. That is – just apply a bit of your lip gloss on the cheekbones, corners of the eyes and on your brow bone. You’ll be shiny (but not too much) and you’ll achieve the “sameness” that may look pretty charming.
- Peter Minkoff

I would like to say a big thank you to Peter for giving me a guest post to put up for you! He's a great writer and his beauty tips are amazing!

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