Monday, 24 August 2015


Today. Today is the 2 year anniversary of Funsize Beauty. Granted, I haven't posted many "beauty" posts. As I have shared many ups and downs of my life with you, I realised that life itself is damn right beautiful. All of those nooks and crannies hide such beautiful stories and metaphors and fables that, unless I started this blog, you and I probably wouldn't have discovered. Beautiful, right?
  So, this is the 2nd birthday of us, of our meeting, of our connection, and that is all I ever wanted and all I ever need from this little beauty of internet space.
  I have made friends through this, and sadly (or maybe not so) lost friends through this. I believe the good thing about this blog is that it opened my eyes to things I never thought of doing before now, graphics, PR networking, writing, story telling, and finding the glory and joy behind the little things in life, like myself.
  Before I started here, in this blogosphere-webosphere-type-thing, I was miserable. I was a very sad teenager who stayed in bed watching YouTubers all day. I had one friend, and bless him he gave me the push to start all of this. He even made me a t-shirt (which mum melted!). That was when I finally realised someone had a lot of faith in me to succeed. Well my dad doesn't know, and my mum thought it was daft! She asked me why one earth would I want to start a blog. It's a waste of time...she knows she said that, but she does seem interested whenever I talk to her about it. my blog has been a lot more successful than what I'd imagined it would be. Well well well...I guess she was wrong eh?!
  I remember I went to my friend on the 23rd of August with this bright idea of "Funsize Beauty" then blog, now blog and YouTube channel. If he didn't push me to even sign up to blogger, you wouldn't be reading this, you would have no idea that I exist, just like me, you.
  So can we raise a glass (I don't condone those of the younger age to raise an alcoholic one though!) and say happy birthday to my little blog corner, where i can share the many more chapters of my life with you. We can laugh. We can cry. We can be beautiful. We can look like slobs. We can be us.

Thank you for the last two, very amazing, years.
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
    With Love,
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