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How To Survive Your GCSEs

"How to survive your GCSEs", it's a difficult question to answer. It depends on what you've chosen. How do you wish to go about the next two, very exciting, but laborious, years of your life? Do you want to succeed and do well, or do everything slap-dash like a toddler with paint? 

Keep your GCSE years clean. What I mean by this is: 

  • Don't go out drinking ever weekend (especially if you have a big test/ exam the day after). It is illegal to drink under the age of 18, but I won't lie I drink too, but not excessively. Keep it to the occasions.
  • Don't go around bragging about your sex life. 1) until you turn 16 in year 11, it is illegal. 2) It will normally result in rumours. Someone, either you or the other person involved will get stick for it. The comments etc could effect your mental health, and how you see yourself, which in the long run will effect your self-confidence and your grades.
  • Don't take any drugs (especially on the school sit. What are you? CRAZY?!?!) Illegal substance will definitely screw with your mind. You will not be able to focus, you may experience paranoia, insomnia etc etc.
  • Keep your diet clean. I would have a salad wrap, and fruit for my lunch, and most likely fruit for my breaks, and a little snack bar if I have a free time to study. You need to keep your body and mind energised so that you can focus (at the end of year 11 I had lost the will power and snacked on sugary foods and anything caffeinated to keep me awake to revise. I was too hyper to focus.)
  • Drink water. Hydrate your mind and body. It's all about your lifestyle. 
  • Exercise. I walk a lot. You don't need to run 10K every other night, just walk often and get your heart rate up a bit to pump oxygen around your body.
  • Sleep. Do not tire your body out because you won't be able to focus and absorb information. Trust me on this one, I'm a pro at staying up late and suffering the day after.
  • Clean your room. I was terrible at this, but a clean room gives you space to study. Regardless of you telling me this is a load of bull, but a clear room does help for a clear mind. This will help you to focus...and you won't be nagged to clean by your parents.
Although it majorly is about your lifestyle, surviving school is also how you feel about yourself, and who you hang around with. If you feeling very down about yourself, the likelihood of it effecting your grades is almost certain. I wasn't my biggest fan 2 years back, I wasn't doing very well in maths, science, ICT, and P.E was a living hell. I was quite the chunk, and not very smart. I was very down about how I looked and how I was doing at school, so I took care of myself, educated myself on stuff (I know, learning in the summer, I'm such a nerd. God.), and I made new friends. I also fixed old relationships with friends and now I'm happier than ever. So being happy with yourself is another important thing. You just can't care about what people say about you. I've been called a nerd on countless occasions. And my God, if I had changed because of what they said I'd have grades lower than the prices in Poundland, but I didn't listen, I'm not saying my grades are Gucci, but i like to think that they're close. (#KatieRelatesToTheYoung).   
  Another way to survive your GCSEs is to buy a diary. I buy the £2 academic ones from Wilko. I have everything in there from homework, to when I have meetings, from squad drinks, to when I'm in work. It's a life saver. Everything you'll need to know assignments and exams wise for school is written down and you know when it's due in etc. It saves your ears; there will be no more teachers nagging at you if you utilise it.
  Take everything with a pinch of salt. Only stress and cry over things when extremely necessary other wise you won't make it through the year. Got an art portfolio sheet due in Monday, don't moan about it until Sunday, just get it done and out of the way. If you're more productive in the weekdays, you'll have to do less on the weekend, which means you can chill out until Monday comes, and then you just do it all again.
  Stay positive about your GCSEs. They aren't as scary as you may think. Just keep your work ethic under control. Work hard. Do the work when you get it, and everything is a lot less stressful.
  I hope I helped you out, even in the slightest. If you have any questions, comment them below. What did you do for GCSEs, what grades did you get? Have you only just started them, if so, what? Do you regret what you took in anyway, why? I'm intrigued to find out what you come back with.

Thank you for reading. 

  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,
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