Monday, 27 July 2015

Who I Am and Self-Preservation

I am a 16 year old girl, who is trying to find her own unique little something, or something she finds 
This is me. 10.07.2015. I went to a hen do. I felt better than what I have done in a long time. I felt confident. And then the "E" word struck. Emo.

I'll be honest, I hate when I'm called "emo", but I guess that's what I am.
I like the colour black,
I like heavy eye make-up,
I cover my face with my hair,
I like screamo,
I'm very into my bands,
I have a dark sense of art, or a mystical sense it depends,
I write sad songs,
I sing sad songs,
I quote sad movies,
and apparently... that then means I deserve a label?

I speak to my friends and I hate that if I bring the situations up, there have been times where they've said "but that's what you are". It's not. I'm Katie, not Emo.

It's not the majority of the public's sense of style, music, lifestyle; but it's MINE. Just because I'm part of the minority who are more alternative, 'punk', 'emo' or whatever else you wish to call us, much to our declination, doesn't mean my life is worth any less than yours. We are all the same.

I understand we are all judgemental, but more instance; I like wearing black. Maybe you called me out in the street, called me goth, or emo, or "death child" (which I have been called), but what if that isn't the case? What if I was heading home from a funeral, or maybe I'm sad and wearing black is how I show it? You don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

For my own self-preservation, I have to agree to be called "emo", just so that someone knows what I'm for, against, what I like, hate...and most of all "how I act". This came up in a video I watched a while back. People will stereotype you so they can justify the way you act. No no sweetie. I don't think so. I can be soppy. I can be romantic, I can cry, I can be depressed, I can be so over the moon with joy, I can be in love, I can show passion, affection and be caring just as good as the next person. All because people "need" to understand me (they don't he likelihood is they'll never see me again), just so they can be nosey, get an insight into my views, beliefs, and everything else, I have to be labelled. Put on a shelf. Devalued by public. Go along with stereotypes that I don't even agree with. All to make a person feel better by understanding me.

We've accepted gay rights, we're nearly there with gender equality, so can we please show a bit more respect to the many groups of society?

Rant over.

With Love,
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