Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Second Thoughts and Contemplations

I've never been good at fitting in. Sadly it took a toll on the entirety of my high school social life. I never managed to fit into groups. I couldn't dance, I wasn't much of a musician in my early years of high school, and I was too afraid to use my voice to sing and speak up. However, one thing I was good at, was doubting myself.
  My name is Katie Price. The majority of conversations I had with people were "Jordan, how are the tits", "Hey ,Short Arse! What's your name again?", "How's Peter?" and "Did your parents actually name you after her? That's unfortunate." I guess you could say I was bullied a lot. This carried on through the future years.
  As times changed, people changed with them. It was no longer about my name, but my grades. I won't mention her name but I remember in year 9 I received a very influential message off someone. The message read; "Hi Katie Price. Summer is here! Will you be venturing outdoors this summer, or studying for next years exams? SWOT!" I will admit, I'm a swot. I do stay home during exam season and just do revision on top of revision. I was one for getting A*s, As and Bs- so I was doing pretty well. People didn't like it that the teachers treated me like a person and not just some rowdy student. I worked in class and didn't get into any trouble with teachers. I left school with a squeaky clean record. People didn't like me for that.
  I was good at school, I was good at balancing my time. I had a life outside of school. It gave me the opportunity to do things such as this. To guide other teens so that they don't go through the same.
  But with not fitting in, comes the bullying. This came via the Internet, and in person. Facebook is now an evil website these days. You can get added to group chats without you consenting. This lead to me reading some corkers about myself, but even worse, my friends.
  I'll give you the back story of how this came about. A few weeks ago I went to a gathering for my best mate's birthday, alcohol was provided, and you could also take your own. So, I kicked back with my vodka slush and a few of my closest and bestest friends. We took selfies, we had a bit of a dance, a whole lot of laughs, and a lot of memories to cherish for the future. Those photos, they ended up in a group chat. I was taken the mick out of for, and for this one time, fitting in. I get taken the mick out of because I love being in the Internet world, I love filming videos, I want to become successful in it. People find that weird and nerdy apparently. So when they come across photos on Facebook of me, with a glass of alcohol in one hand, and a tipsy smile on my face... PERFECT! They've got their next topic of conversation.
  What I'm trying to say is, with all of the bullying that I have experienced lately I have thought a lot of things over. I thought about quitting everything Funsize Beauty. I started shutting down. I started to lock myself indoors more. I started to contemplate my purpose. Maybe I was put here to be, and only be, a victim of bullying.
  Don't you dare back down to those narcissistic, self-conscious, pompous, vulnerable and victimising human beings. They do not deserve the satisfaction and fuel to their fire, to keep burning the desire to hurt you, or the ones you love. They do not deserve to "have the right" to say mean things about you. They do not have the right to question who you are, and why you do what you do. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO YOU.

Please be careful on social media. Screenshot the messages, block the perpetrator, report the abuse, and talk to someone about it. Who cares what happens to them after you've done your bit?!?! I couldn't give a damn! You could be helping someone else by reporting the bully. That someone else could be your best friend, or younger brother, sister or cousin.

You are always welcome to posting any problems you're having in the comments and I will try to give you the best advice I can.

Thank you for reading,
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,
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