Sunday, 31 May 2015

Finding Happiness and Keeping It

We all have to pull ourselves out of a very bad time at some point or another. I think I've pretty much mastered finding happiness, for the time being anyway.
  Happiness is anything from a good memory, to buying yourself and icecream or a pen...I'm not saying you can eat pens, because you can't.
  I've found the things that make me happy tend to be right under my nose. The people I love the most for example. I love in a house with three other amazing other people. I have such a tight knit friendship group I'mm afraid I'll never get away from them (I'm joking). I love my friends and family. The idea here is to surround yourself with the people you love, and who love you.
  I have one friend, I talk a lot about her, Ashleigh. We like to go for a Costa sometimes. If one of us is havinng a relatively rough day, or even if we want to celebrate something, like when I got my job, we like to go for a Costa and talk about future plans, like a pair of old biddies. This may only be meeting up with a friend to some, but just talking to people, even if it's not on the topic of what's bothering you, but just talking to someone and laughing can really help brightem your day.
  This is next one is going to sound rich coming from someone who buys a takeaway every weekend, but eat healthy. Your body will be grateful that you've fed it with natural foods, you won't feel as slob-ish, you'll feel energetic. That adrenaline, and get-up-and-go feeling will make you feel happy.
  Along side the healthy eating, comes the exercise. I'm going to say it now. I hate P.E. The girls changing room is a hell hole if you are not sporty, and prefer to read than run around hitting a ball on a field, and ankle tapping your peers with a hockey stick. It hurts. However, I do like pilates and I've found running quite relaxing. Exercise releases endorphins, and again creates the 'feel-good' hormone. Not like that though...get your mind out of the gutter you dirty so and so.
  Hobbies. You need lots of these. By having a lot of hobbies you can distract yourself from overthinking something you may have said or done. I'm quite the old lady when it comes to hobbies; knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking. All of these preferably in PJs on a saturday night. I swear I'm not a hermit. I work now so I'm really tired, you wouldn't think I only work four hours the amount of time I sleep after my shift! Other creative outlets are good too. Music is one of my favourites along side art and creating videos and writing...Media wise I have done very little. This has allowed me time to really concentrate on video ideas and posts. It's been nice to have a break and just refresh a little. I think as long as you find a way to vent your feeling without upsetting yourself anymore, then you're on your way.
  If I'm fed up of my situation, I like to read a book (preferably fantasy). The idea of a made up world spilled onto pages means that you can take yourself out of reality for a little while and be someone else. I find that I always feel better after reading... except for John Green's books. WHY JOHN? WHY?
  Those are just a few of the ways I like to stay happy. These aren't just things that you can do once and everything is sunshines, hugs and rainbows though. You need to keep doing them to find what really works for you. If you keep going with it, it'll yake you to new paths you never new exsisted.

Thank you for watching,
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
    With Love,
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(P.S. I understand that not many beauty and fashion posts have appeared on here recently. I've just discovered more life advice than I have anything else, I hope that's okay. Thanks again. I love you all very much and appreciate you reading this. You are beautiful.)

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