Friday, 15 May 2015

Dear Sam Chaplin...

Dear Sam,
Hi. I'll start out by saying I'm FunsizeBeautyTV from Twitter. We've had quite a few discussions, a few publicly and one via DMs and yet you still stay as true. You are one of those people on youtube who deserve higher views than what you actually get.
  I admire how honest you are about things like self harm, and depression and grieving. I like how you don't sugar coat anything, and that you admit the processes of everything are shit, but you seem so positive that all of this will pass and one day all will be good.
  When my friends are upset I send them your way, I tell them to watch a video of your's. I speak so greatly of you, and it's a shame that there will always be that creator-fan relationship between us, despite the fact I am a creator myself, because I see you as someone I can confide in, and talk to about anything. You act more like a friend than someone I watch through a screen everyday of the week.
  The way you reach out to us is great. You'll talk until 12:00AM with us (#TweetLikeBlurryface), but you'll also have heart to heart conversations with us.
  Maybe one day you'll write a copy of Wreck This Journal and tour around the UK (do I get extra brownie points because I referenced one of your videos?).
  All in all, you're a great creator, a great role model...and a great internet friend (is that creepy or?).

For those of you who aren't of the mind and body of the person this was addressed too, this was my open letter to Sam Chaplin. Sam Chaplin deeply inspires me to do what I do, like my youtube for example. I found Sam's videos at around Christmas time and have just been obsessed.....
So yeah, thanks Sam xx

Thank yu for reading,
  I love you lots like jelly tots,
    With Love,
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