Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Next Chapter

As I turn the pages of the book I call life I land on the 15th chapter, read the first eight pages and put the book down. Today I started reading it again and noticed I have four pages left before I reach the 16th chapter.
  I've realised I didn't do much as far as I am into my 15th year. I figured it's too late to do all of it in the next four month. This year I will be able to do much more, fingers crossed anyway.
  In the next chapter I want each page to lead to another, but with hidden mysteries and memories. I want to be happy, not never-sad happy, but content happy. I want to pass all of my exams. This is a hard one and requires the work, but I'll get there if I want it that badly. I want to get a job and earn my own money. I want to buy a chubby polaroid camera and take it everywhere with me, and take photos of everything my friends and I do together. It's a big ask but I'd like to attend at least one gig, and have one of my best friends standing by me to experience my first concert ever! I want to attend sixth form and study the subjects that I love. I want to find my style of art, what and how I draw best. I want this blog to grow and take many different turns and many different directions. Throughout all of this, I want you guys with me, whether you're behind a computer screen, or in front of my face. I want you experiencing everything with me.
  I want to do so much this year and make this my favourite chapter yet. If it wasn't for you I would not have so much of my life documented and in photos that I will always look back on.
Thank you for sticking around. I look forward to see what sort of adventure 2015 brings!
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,
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