Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Take Back What's Yours

Recently I was having a little catch up with my good blogger friend, Chloe. I will link her blog *here*, it's definitely worth a read! I'll stop rambling. Where were we again?
  I have been part of Chloe's campaign "Take Back What's Yours" for some time. I remember us talking about feeling unconfident etc. and this was all of her idea, which I admire her for. This campaign is like bloggers for me and thee to express our emotions on topics like anxiety, self-confidence, or lack of; it's basically for us to support one another and create a better community in this little blogosphere we've got going on here.
  I know myself and Chloe have spoken a lot about how there isn't much advice and support for young people to read on the internet, so this is for you, and also for the creators.
  So here's the deal. Instead of making those shoddy "Eat-Healthy-Run-5-Miles-A-Day-Not-Sleep-Until-12AM" New Year's resolutions, decide what you want to take back. I know mine will be my confidence, I am quite shy and quiet, and that's because of several events, so take back what's yours, it's your every right to be happy!
  I can't think of ten specific bloggers to tag, so I tag all of you. Help is create a better community in the little internet space we have. You can keep updated on the topic by checking out #TakeBackWhatsYours and also follow the campaign on Twitter via @TBWYCampaign.
Thank you for reading.
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
    With Love
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