Saturday, 24 January 2015

Living In My Own World...Or Maybe A Few...

Before you carry on with "Didn't understand...that anything could happen...when you take a chance." stop. I don't mean the High School Musical tune that you would jam out to in year 6, I mean books.
  Recently I've gotten into reading a lot more. I mean don't get me wrong I have always loved reading, but now I use it is an escape. Whenever I find my life getting a bit too stressful like I have coursework due in or essays or whatever, I read. I don't procrastinate because I get the work done. I just take about half an hour out to myself to read a few pages of my book and calm down.
  I found that reading takes me out of my current situation and puts me into a new world. A new world that I can explore and imagine, before yet again fixating my mind on Trigonometry, and things like the Ontological argument for God's existence.
  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy school. I like being able to have an excuse to spend 6 hours out of the house; I know its only to move to another set of four walls, but its a change of scenery nonetheless.
  When your world is full of stress, work and deadlines to meet, you need to find somewhere you can go to take your mind of that. At the moment I'm in a world with Clary Fray, Jace Wayland and Valentine Morgenstern aka The Mortal Instruments. I read the first one in 2 weeks. I could not put it down! I'm about a 1/6 of the way through the second, and it's a world I love to get lost in.
  Reading really does calm me down, so maybe try it if your stress level is through the roof. If you're looking for easy reads I suggest Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, Miranda Hart: Is It Just Me, etc. Either light hearted or short books, and by short I mean not like a comic, but not Vol. 1 of Wikipedia either.

Thank you for reading,
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
    With Love,
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