Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Sport Chic Ensemble

Today I was browsing and came about this sports clothing company called Fanatics. I found a really cosy hat, so I thought I'd create a sport chic OOTD using my favourite hat from their MLB hats, and design a look combined with any other clothing I like/already own etc. So here we go...

 I've gone for the monochrome theme with a little bit of green, in case you didn't already notice. a Baseball top (this one is from BDG-Urban Oufitters) I thought I'd show some sort of "interest" in sport, seeing as this is a sports clothing company that contacted me. Seeing as I am more of a rocker/"emo" (if you want to be stereotypical and pedantic about it) when it  comes to jeans (ripped and black), I obviously had to get something in there! Now people may think that all black would be scary with my converse, hoodie, jeans and beanie, so I've added frilly socks to make it a little more girly and cutesie. To complete the look I would then wear the hat (shown above). It's really cute, and doesn't really look like a sports hat for those of you who aren't made sports fanatics (see what I did there?), like myself. The black and grey colours also tie the whole sports chic ensemble together.

*Disclaimer*-Only the photos of the hoodie, t-shirt, socks and converse are mine. The rest are stock photos.

Thank you for reading. I would love to see some of your sport chic looks!
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
    With Love,
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