Monday, 29 December 2014

The 2014 Archive

So 2014 is finally drawing itself to a close. In some ways I am more than relieved but in some ways I want to relive the memories of this year.


I started the year off with a New Year's Resolution post (I have no idea why; I've done two out of 5). I epically failed at my resolutions, but at least I've made myself a better person and focussed more on my GCSEs just like I wanted to. I then showed you my favourite make-up picks of 2013, that was a pretty shoddy post if I say so myself. I took horrific photos and the lighting was off and goodness knows what else.


Despite the fact that I sat mock exams in February, I put up around about 7 posts. I gave  you make-up reviews on mascara, foundation and my January favourites. Still after 5 months of shoddy writing, you think I would've learned by now?! Nope! I entered the Watch Gallery prize draw type thing... that was a waste of half an hour to write up! I put together some outfits for you and threw them together in a post (and I wore 2 of them). Can I just point out, my sense of fashion has completely changed, so please don't compare these to my OOTDs that may appear on Instagram. I then shared a bit of goss with you about my sneaky surprise for you guys that same month! Did you find out what happened? I had a new blog design and I have loved it since!


By now my mocks had finished and I was taking a little break before knuckling down for GCSEs. I didn't go out that often so I spent my spare time with you guys, cosied up in my new internet home. To kick off the month of March, I was nominated for the Liebster Award 2014. After being nominated for the Liebster Award and knowing people read my blog, I put my power to good use and announced a new series on my channel called Feel Good Friday. I started off my Feel Good Friday series with Loving Yourself, and you all seemed to enjoy it. We spoke about where I want my blog to lead me, school life and just the future in general. I gave you more FGF posts like: Being Happy. I told you my February favourites. I did another beauty review, its not one of my best I may say. I even gave you a tutorial! It was my first ever DIY tutorial and I had some really good feedback from it.


Before I can even register what happened over the previous three months I was strolling into April! I turned 15 and started talking to some old friends and some new friends. It was a particularly good month for me. I gave you 4 FGFs: Friends, Bullying, You Are Beautiful and You Are Powerful. And that then concluded my definite series of Feel Good Friday, just the issues I had to address at the start. I may bring it back who knows? I was doing well with the monthly favourites, and showed you what I loved in March.  I showed you what I did with my hair, *WARNING!* the morning face of death appears. I created a style steal for you (even stood on a chair for you guys so I'd be in line of the camera #ShortPeopleProblems). I had a pen pal called Charlotte (who I still e-mail etc.). To top the month off I showed you how to make a lemony fresh cake for the spring and summer months.


In the month of May I was nominated, again, for the Liebster Award 2014. I showed you how I revised (or how I thought I'd be revising). And once again I shared my monthly favourites with you.


In June I put up one of my toughest posts yet. I spoke about Alopecia and how I was affected by it, and you were all very supportive in your tweets etc. I also started to make announcements about my meet up due to happen the following month.


I told you guys how soppy I was and why I love you. We had a deep conversation about friends. I also took some snaps of the pretty lakes and park days I had in that first week of summer. 


As we rolled into August I began questioning who this blog was actually for, me or you? I took a break and said a temporary goodbye...was I a little bit of a drama queen? I seem to think so. I told you how I felt like an Ugly Duckling. I was asked to do the summer tag, of which I did. I also sprung a cheeky little OOTD on you too.


I had a bit of a natter about a quote. We discussed the goods and bads of sleep, meaning dreams and nightmares. I shared my take on them, and fear landscapes etc. I then explained to you that I had changed over the year of writing my blog. I also reminisced over my school years and finally came to terms with my last ever first day


I'd been in school a month, hadn't ventured onto the internet that often, but the one night I decide to catch up on what was going on in the YouTube world; there was uproar about sexual abuse, names were coming forward, masterposts flying all over the social media was chaotic. I am disappointed to see that not enough people are arguing this case though. If you believe what has happened is wrong, please share the linked posts and the masterpost and keep people talking about it until they are caught!


As November kicked in, I spent a lot more cosy nights in with my mates, meaning I was starting to appreciated the friends I had, and decided to write about it. You are not a typical teenager unless you moan about how tired you are and how much school stresses you out, so I vented to you about that too. I'm so full of joy, eh?


That brings us to December, in the month of which anti-bullying week takes places, and I ranted about that too. I openly wrote a letter to my friend Ashleigh too and thanked her for sticking by me this year, through pretty much everything.

However, not only did I write a total of 54 posts, I started a YouTube channel (here). Please check it out I would love to hear your feedback.

I would like to thank you all for an amazing year, and hopefully we'll make many more memories together through laptop screens and camera lenses.
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
    Wishing you health and happiness in 2015,
       With Love,

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  1. Looks like you've had a jam packed year! Some really great posts you've written too! Can't wait for you to get started with Youtube, will be watching ALL of your videos!!!! :D eeek. The meet up was a great day, need to organise another one for next year ;)

    Have a good new year, I hope 2015 is good to you and brings you lots of happiness :) Our little blogs can grow together hehehe

    Also, just noticed my blogs featured in your sidebar! You cutie! Will put your button on mine soon, just in the middle of having a new design developed, so when its all up and running I'll add it!

    love you lots like jelly tots,
    Charlotte! xxxx

    1. Thank you! I've missed all of you lovely gals lots since the meet-up! Yes our blogs can grow together! A collaboration post is in mind! Wishing you the best of luck in the new year too xx

    2. We definitely need to do some sort of collaboration post! Have to get our thinking caps on and brainstorm some ideas! :D xxxx