Monday, 1 December 2014

Anti-Bullying Week 2014

It's anti-bullying week here in the UK, or by the time you've read this, it has been anti-bullying week here in the UK. 
  I don't condone any form of bullying myself. I hate it. I hate the thought I someone going through so much pain, and they didn't even do anything to do it.
  Monday morning, the "squad" and I stroll into assembly, moaning over the fact their playing terrible music for a start...and then sighing at the fact that it's the annual bullying assembly. 
  Bystanders. My friends and I exchange a few glances, roll our eyes a little and brace ourselves for the lecture I being a bystander. Now, I will stand up for anyone being bullied...but you can't tell someone they are partly to blame for a person being bullied for simply standing in a corridor, or in many cases, mis-reading the situation.
  My friends and I take the mil and make jokes about one another non-stop...their normally short jokes, but still. If someone was to see us at lunch time they'd think I was being bullied, when really it's extremely close friends laughing at one another. This isn't because we're insecure of ourselves either, because we can laugh at ourselves, we laugh at out other friends too. Out friendship is based of inside jokes and's how we relate to one another on a more personal level. 
  To clear that up, YOU CANNOT BLAME SOMEONE FOR BEING PART OF A PROBLEM THEY MEERLY GLANCED UPON! If I was genuinely being bullied, I should hope any decent person would help me, but no one can tell what's bullying and what's taking the piss.

Thank you for reading, 
  I love you lots, like Jelly Tots.
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