Friday, 7 November 2014


Hello my lovely readers! I'm back for a while. I understand you've seen many a post on Friends...but this one is different. I want it to be public, maybe people will get the idea of how important it is to have someone to be there for you. This one is for two very special people.
  Thank you for helping me. Thank you for listening to me drone on and on until 1:00am. Thank you for writing me notes and paragraphs upon paragraphs because you feel you cannot get through to me in person.
  You have helped me so much these last few months, with many things. Thank you for getting me out of a friendship I was stuck in, not needed in. Thank you for knocking some common sense into me, if I wrote a list of what I needed common sense for, but didn't have it I'd be here until Christmas! Thank you for sticking up for me when my back bone shattered under the pressure of it all.
  How you have put up with me for so long I will never know! We see each other every day, and that's one thing I will miss when we eventually go our separate ways. For now I guess we can live in the moments we have left.
  Once again, Thank you.
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