Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sexual Abuse In The YouTube Community

Normally I would not even think of posting on such a thing that is none of my business, but there are now young teenagers, my age, younger and older who are being sexually abused/assaulted by their idols. I would like to warn any readers, if you are easily triggered by anything upon the matter of sexual assault/harassment/rape, I wouldn't suggest reading this unless you really want to.
  For those of you who don't know, there have been many outings of YouTubers who have been sexually harassing young teenage girls. One person has stood out particularly, Sam Pepper. However, if we are going to call out Sam Pepper, we cannot be hypocritical or shy away from any other YouTuber who has also carried out these horrendous actions. To catch up on all of the people, read The Masterpost. As horrendous as it is to think of one person doing it, I'm not hiding names, but there are other YouTubers like Alex Day and VeeOneEye who have also been outted for doing such horrific things.
  I have watched many videos on the matter, many like Dottie Martin, Dodie Clark, Evan Edinger, BriBry, and the list goes on. I suggest you watch these videos too.
  YouTubers, as idols to young teenagers, cannot support the evil doings of their fellow YouTubers, whether friends or not. What they did was wrong, you cannot justify what they did. They committed crimes and that is no where near okay. You cannot blame your actions on alcohol and then say sorry. You cannot use a prank video to go around and sexually assault girls. You cannot manipulate the minds of young girls for your own benefit. You cannot hide behind an apology. What you did was wrong. What you did will be imprinted in those young girls' minds for all of their life. What can you do to change that? Nothing.
  However, you can step down from the ever so high platform you have built. You can face the consequences of your vile and disgusting actions. You can build up you life again, but in no way do you belong back on YouTube where you can have an effect on people's lives.
  What they committed was a crime. It is inexcusable. In the UK you must be 16 to give legal consent to any sexual activity. Some girls were under the influence of alcohol and therefore couldn't even give proper consent or not in most cases. That is classed as rape. A few sorries here and a few explanations there doesn't cut it. You cannot take back what has been done, and I'm sorry I ever looked up to you. You need to understand that if you're still defending these people, what the did is arrest-able. The committed an actual crime. They have possibly ruined a young teenagers mind. Are you okay with that?
  I, myself, spend time on YouTube to get away from my own reality like school and exams  and pressure. I don't however, go onto YouTube to find out that YouTubers I liked, YouTubers I looked up to, have sexually assaulted young girls. No.
  I suggest that if any of this has happened to you, you report the abuse. Please share and do your own blog posts on the matter. WE CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS UNTIL IT ENDS!!! CALL OUT ALL OF THE YOUTUBERS UNTIL THIS STOPS!!
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