Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sugar or Spice?

Pink dresses. Chart Music. Light eye make-up. Bouncy-flouncy hair. This time last year, that was me. This had always been me until the start of this year. I used to be more of 'Sugar' than 'Spice' kind of girl if you get where I'm coming from?
  I used to be the 'typical' teenage girl. Basically, I was a sheep. I followed everyone else in music taste, style, etc. Don't ask me why I was a sheep, because I don't know myself. The easiest way for me to put it is: I stood out quite a bit already. I was a short arse, I had an unfortunate name to go into high school with, I just found it hard to fit in.
  I'm annoyed that I followed the crowd. I'm annoyed I didn't stand my ground when people told me to change this and that about myself. I am annoyed that I didn't make myself more me.
  I suppose you could say this summer gave me time to reflect. It gave me time to think. It gave me time to put things right. With a lot of thinking and contemplating, I decided enough was enough, I was going to be the type of person I wanted be (I know, deep right??).
  So, with all of my thinking, and all of my contemplating, I cranked up A Day To Remember, lined my eyes with black (not excessively), threw on my ever so comfy black skinnies, straightened the curly mop and strolled out of that door feeling the most comfortable I ever had. So I guess you could say, from first impressions, I seemed rather... 'emo'?
  Emo is short for emotional. In no means do I have anything to be emotional about. People tend to mix the two together. I'd say for appearance wise, you call someone 'scene' if anything. For personality(ish) wise I guess then you may be able to use the phrase 'emo' appropriately. This still doesn't give you the right to walk around and call anyone who seems upset an 'emo'. No. Stereotypes are awkward, they are unnecessary labels, and aren't needed in everyday life.
  So if you want to go around flashing your stereotypes everywhere, think before you speak, they hurt.
  I understand I went a bit off track, but I guess you could say I'm a little bit more Spice than Sugar...

Thanks for reading,
  I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,

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