Monday, 4 August 2014

I Am Not Defined By Anyone's Words But My Own

I have done many a post on stereotypes, but this one means the most to me. This time it's about me. It's about how I dress. How I act. What I listen to. What I am.
  I don't have a dead set style it's more like "yeah that looks comfy, let's shove that on." It just so happened that the one day I'm visited by family, I am in black and grey, dark bold eyes and a fringe I can't see anything out of. One member of my family instantly labelled me as "emo" instant of "Katie". I am not an emo. That's just a stereotype society has for these people who wear black and listen to different music, and who are, sadly, labelled as depressed. No. Stop.
  I am generally a quiet person, unless you're like my best friend then I can be as mad as a hatter, but that's what everyone is like. So when I sit on my settee, in my black and my music blasting into my ears, I'm immediately classed as anti-social. For my friends they'll know I'm no where near anti-social. I'm out everyday from 2:00PM- 10:00PM, yet I'm told that I shut everyone out of my life. Which I will admit, I have done, but I have my reasons.
  I don't have the most popular music taste. I'd say the more punk/alt-rock is more of my forte. I am not a big fan of most chart music. The music is hyped up so much, but it's music you can't understand. I would much rather listen to someone screaming in my ear than listen to remixes and rave music. Sorry, that's just my opinion.
  I am not your stereotypical person. I read, doesn't make me someone who is smart and good with words, I spend hours each night on Tumblr, doesn't make me some anti-social 15 year old teenage girl. I listen to more punk/alt-rock and I'm starting to like screamo, doesn't mean I am this depressed person. I love my big, bold, dark eye make-up, I feel comfortable in it, it makes me feel more me, doesn't make me an emo. And finally, I am me, not what you want me to be.
A little bit more of a rant and ramble today, sorry.
Thank you for reading, 
  I love you lots, like Jelly Tots, 
    With Love,
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