Friday, 1 August 2014

For Your Readers Or For Yourself?

Not so long ago I was having a conversation with my friend Ashleigh (check her blog here). We were talking about whether we wrote for ourselves or our readers.
  My topics have changed throughout the year. You've seen me do fashion posts, beauty posts, life posts and extremely serious posts, so I guess you can say I have been writing more for myself than you guys. This in a way makes me feel like my blog belongs to me more. Take my depression post; not everyone has suffered with depression, so that's more for me to look back on. The same goes for my anxiety post. They are there for me and the groups of people who also need help in times of their suffering. At the same time, I do become quite anxious that what I write bores you.
  However, I also do posts for you guys to enjoy. As you may have seen me talk about on Twitter, I've been out a lot recently, so I've been taking photos for you lovely people to enjoy. I'm in the middle of setting up a meet-up for some of you to attend (post here). I try my hardest to interact with you as much as I can. To any readers/fans/close internet friends, I thrive to put only the best of my posts up because I don't want to disappoint you in a sense.
  I will say that a year ago I was putting a post up everyday, just trying to keep the people that did read my blog at the time happy. That didn't work for me. As Christmas time last year some things went on, I realised the things I wanted to talk to you about weren't all beauty, fashion and la-di-dah. I wanted to speak out about serious issues. I wanted someone to find help if they were in trouble. I wanted to help someone when I couldn't find the help I wanted.
  You will get more posts designed for you, but I've always thought of the fact that if I write about what I love and show true passion and effort, that's what will bring you lovely people to spend 10 minutes a day on my blog, nothing else. I love where this blog has brought me, and I'm truly grateful for all you beauties have done for me, but sometimes you need to think about yourself and see whether your content is making you happy. I love my content now. It's so much better than it was before Christmas last year, but that's only because I made a change and decided how I want to show myself to you, and how much I want you to know about me.
  So yes, I write more for myself, but I also write for you. I use my tiny corner of the internet to document things for myself most of the time, but I'd be more than happy for you to join in on the journey to wherever this may take me.
 Sorry this turned into a little bit of a ramble, I've wanted to talk about it for a while now, but every time I wrote about it I sounded like I was ranting, but I'm not.
  Talking about writing for your readers or yourself, two of my friends have recently found out I blog and decided to give it a whirl themselves, they have fantastic blogs, they are definitely ones to read:
Thank you for reading,
  I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,
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  1. I always write for myself first and foremost, because I started a blog for myself so it seems reasonable to write then for myself. I started because I wanted somewhere to record my life and my life with my bf. I wanted something for us to look back on, somewhere to put my photos and adventures so we can look back in a year or five and remember all the great times we have had together. So, yeah, i write for myself and that's my driving force to blog.

    The readers, comments and such are just a huge perk of sharing on a public platform. I find other peoples lives fascinating so it's nice to know that others might be interested by my life. I guess you could say posts life outfits, recipes are for others but not really. I share my recipes because then I have them documented somewhere and I share my outfits because it encourages me to take my photo and to learn to love my face and body. I like watching my style develop and I like watching myself grow with confidence when I have to pose and such.

    Every now and then I do posts like the recent Summer Tag, but that's more about enjoying the blogging with the friends that I have made here. Rather than doing it for the audience.

    I understand people that do write for their audience, and to me that's the more professional bloggers. I'm just a little fish in a big sea and I'm just happy swimming around in my own corner.

    I am becoming tempted to try out different types of posts, just to see if I enjoy them more than anything.

    I think my comment turned into a ramble. Sorry!

    ~ K