Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Some People Leave Footprints On Our Hearts

This is a bit of a deep post. It's about the friendships I have been involved in over the years, some good, some insanely bad and some unforgettable.
I have had many friendships some have lasted the full 13 years since we first met, some have lasted a year, and others I have been re-building.
  So, 13 years, that's along time. That's a lot of memories, and surprisingly no arguments. I have only had one friend for that amount of time, her name is Georgina. We met in nursery and instantly clicked. We don't see each other as much now as we have found new friendship groups and have different things going on. Until this year we had all the same classes so it was rare to see us apart. It saddens me that we don't see each other as much, but when we do they are always the best times I have had.
  I then had another 2 friendships. These two were bad. One girl wasn't my friend looking back on it all. She was more the type of person to belittle me and make me feel rubbish. This is the girl I called 'the problem' in my depression post...this friendship made it hard for me to feel good about anything I did. The other one was similar to a certain extent. This time, I would be compared to everything she did. If I was sad, she was bury-me-in-a-gutter. If I was happy, she was bouncing-off-the-wall-excited. If I was ill, she had the flu. Whatever I did, she had to be something bigger. She didn't care about me, whatever was wrong, she'd have it worse. The sad thing is, she was like this to all of her friends. When her boyfriend came along, she didn't want friends...that left me at a dead end. I'm glad I'm no longer stuck on the end of that relationship like a third wheel.
  Christmas time last year I started to re-build a friendship broken apart by the girl just mentioned. We were pretty close before, but when they broke up we sort of kept our distance from each other, which I regret doing so much. I will say I missed that friendship so much, and now I have it back and I couldn't be happier.
  I also made friends with two of the most greatest sisters I know. They have also helped me out a lot...and they're always up for a girly gossip. I would be lost without these two, especially at 10:00 at night when we have one hour long phone calls.
  Those last two friendships brought me many more. I now have the greatest group of friends. It saddens me that next summer we'll be going to different schools, because our sixth form has shut we can either go to the local college or another school. I know that we are all so close and have such a tight bond we will never drift, but we won't see each other everyday, and we'll all be busy with school work.
  These friendships I hold with people today will definitely leave footprints in my heart and many memories in my mind. Some memories good, some memories that belong on Tumblr (yes they're that deep).
  So to all of the friends with me today, thank you. I'd be lost without you. I love you all, you mean a lot to me, I mean it. I will cherish the memories we have, and the many more to come in the future. Thank you.
 Thank you for reading,
   I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
     With Love,
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