Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Music Doesn't Define me, Thank You.

Music is something we use to express our selves. Sometimes we use it to say the words we physically can't get out of our mouths. Just because I use my music to say things I can't say, doesn't mean it defines me. Recently a 'friend' of mine said I had changed. In reply I asked 'How so?' and she said 'it's the music you listen to. You used to listen to pop, (I have been told it is chart music and not a genre, so it was the music everyone was loving at the time. It made it easier for me to fit in if I liked the same music...I have always been a little different to everyone else.) and now you are listening to bands like Mayday Parade, Secondhand Serenade, Ashes Remain and groups similar. Why?'
 Now, that word 'why' offended me. It was as if I wasn't allowed to show my emotions and feelings through a song. I have always been one to shut myself off from people, so normally when I tell a person to listen to a song it normally means something to me, or I'm trying to tell them something without actually saying it.
 I will hold my hand up and say Mayday Parade, Secondhand Serenade etc. aren't the most get-up-and-go bands. That doesn't mean I'm not a get-up-and-go person. It's as if people say, you listen to depressing music, you are depressed. Which COULD be the case, but it isn't always.
 Another thing that really gets on my wick is when people call someone 'emo' for the type of music they listen to, some may use Screamo as an example. The word 'emo' is the short term for emotional in which to describe a person who is stereotypically describe as depressed, or for the way someone dresses/looks- THIS STEREOTYPE IS ALSO WRONG! (but that's for another post.)
 If you like R&B listen to it. It doesn't make you this raving person who goes out every Saturday night. If you like pop, it's in the charts, great! It's on the radio all the time. It's just not my type. If I like Pop Punk, Post Hardcore, Alternative Rock, whatever... I am going to listen to it. It does not define me. It's just a very big part of me. I love depressing songs, and I'll admit...not because I am depressed, but because I like the messages, the stories, the meanings, etc. behind them. I will admit they have brought me through some hard times, and they'll take me through more. It's a part of me, deal with it. I listen to 'emo' type music, but I like it, so what's it to you? It's not effecting you in anyway, is it?
Your stereotyping hurts. Stop it. Your tongue is the sharpest sword you will ever come across, use it wisely. You can either hurt someone, or you can save their life.

This post was inspired by two of my best friends, check them out:

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