Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Last Minutes Sign Ups

As some of you may know I am hosting a meet-up (original post). This meet-up is on Thursday and there are about eight spaces left. If you do wish to attend I need you to e-mail me via katie230499@gmail.com otherwise you do not get put on the list.
  If you do want to come but would rather meet me and the bloggers/vloggers going, then that is also okay, and I will still need you to e-mail me. We are meeting at Queen Street Station in Cardiff at 10:00AM, and we'll just go with the flow until 3:00PM when we go to the meet-up.
  I would love to meet you, please come along. You can e-mail me with any queries or you can tweet me @FunsizeBeautyTV. It would be a pleasure to meet you.
Thank you for reading,
  I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
    With Love, 
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