Friday, 25 April 2014

Little Treats and Letters

Hello my lovelies! A few months back I entered this wonderful little thing called #TheBloggersSnailMail, which was set up by Gemma from Lipsticks and Lashes. I love Gemma she's fab! Funnily enough I e-mailed her before Christmas last year just to say hi and have a chat as I loved her blog so much etc. I will link the Snail Mail post of Gemma's at the end... I think you can sign up for May's match up? I'm not sure but there is something in the post about it. (apologies for the quality of the photos)
For the past few weeks Charlotte Postings, from Charlotte Writes, has been my lovely pen pal. Charlotte is from England, so she still lives within the UK. She loves to read just like me and is super lovely! We have so much in common; I don't think Gemma could've made a better match if I say so myself. I can definitely say that I will e keeping in touch with Charlotte...she's my new blogger BFF haha.
After talking about my love for lush...I think Charlotte thought smellies were the right road to take...hmmm I love myself a good bubble bath! These were from Bomb Cosmetics and I am surprised at how good they are; usually I don't tend to go anywhere else but Lush, but I may pick up one or two of the Bomb Cosmetics products from time to time...ooh la la. Charlotte sent me a lavender scented bomb and I'd say a cupcake scented one, call me crazy but it actually smelled like strawberry butter icing...yum! I am yet to try out the soap, but it smells delicious (not that I would recommend actually eating the soap...
I also received a lovely letter, which I'm not going to show as it's just us chatting. I have to say...I was in awe over the writing set used (I'm a stationary nerd...don't mind me)
Thank you for reading,
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,
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Want to see what I sent Charlotte? Click [here]


  1. Blogger BFF! Awwwww, I feel so special now! :D You should definitely try some more from Bomb Cosmetics, they're lovely! Check out all the goodies on their website :) Gemma definitely made a good match!!

    Love you lots like jelly tots ;)

    Charlotte, xo

  2. Awh I see what you did there... I love me lots like jelly tots too jks haha :*