Sunday, 13 April 2014

Heat Is A Treat

Hello! A few weeks ago I was having a conversation on Twitter with someone, and we were in awe over Zoella's length of hair (I'm sure you know who she is), and we were saying how we've tried to grow our hair for so long but nothing seems to be happening. Well, this is me back in August last year, and me currently (April 2014).
 This thing happened back last summer, when I had only asked for a fringe...but my hairdresser also gave me really short layers *cringes just thinking about it*. Now, in no way had I mentioned having short layers...but they still managed to make their way to frame my face!!
  It had taken me a year to grow it back to the length it was, after being an idiot and chopping up to my shoulders, and it only took one pair of scissors and all of ten-fifteen minutes to chop it all of again.

From August 2013 I have been trying to grow my hair, and this is what I've been doing to help it grow...I use no heat...hardly. I use heat on my fringe because I have this thing where it decides to flick out and once again I am the girl with a curl...right in the middle of her forehead...uch.
  I have been braiding my hair at night just to give myself natural waves (I am a natural curley, but the braids give my hair a boost).
  I wash my hair and leave it in my turbi-towel until I start to get ready for bed. I want my hair to still be a little damp so the curls will form a bit better in the braid.
  Then I spray some of the L'Oreal #TXT Wave Defining Spray; this just gives my curls a little more body and makes it bouncy.
If you were wondering...I use these little elastics to tie the braids. I think they were £1 for 100 in Primark.
I then go to sleep with the braids in and take them out in the morning...oh no...morning face of death.

I then take the braids out and spray a bit of the L'Oreal Matt & Messy salt spray in and...SCRUNCH!
And Viola...Natural curls with no heat... and a decent looking Katie hehe.
Although using no heat is best for your hair... don't go cold turkey and stop using heat; I use heat when I'm going out for a birthday or a formal event etc. send me your natural curl pics on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HeatIsATreat, and don't forget to tag me in them so I can like them!
Thank you for reading,
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,

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