Friday, 18 April 2014

Feel Good Friday: You Are Beautiful

Hello! This weeks topic is 'You Are Beautiful'.
For weeks and weeks whilst I was scrolling around the Internet I came across a few depressing quotes and sad YouTube videos, but every video and quote I watched and read... the person was always beautiful and pretty and handsome and charming. That person in the photo would always have a lovely figure whether they were slim or curvy (I think any other term would be found which words you use). That person in the video would always look wonderful whether they were tall or slightly shorter. Whatever and however that person looked...they were still beautiful.
  I'll use myself as an example... Imagine a 4' 9" 14 (almost 15) year old teenager; she knows she short and she thinks 5" would be a wonderful height... but you have no idea why she is short. This 14 year old girl could have a medical condition, her height could've been the gene she inherited... but she still gets picked on because of it. This girl can laugh and joke about her height, but then one more little push could set her off and put her down. There hasn't been a joke that this girl has heard; shorty, midget, half pint, four foot and a fart, titch, hobbit, dwarf, squished... but there are nicer words, and instead of pushing her deeper and deeper into that whole of low self-esteem, you can build her confidence and instead of the hurtful words, call her; dainty, petite, elegant, compact, funsized (meaning behind my blog name)...there are many words you can use.
  Take a slightly curvier person... you wouldn't call them fat or chubby...would you? Why? It's hurtful. A person could be slightly over or slightly underweight and the cause of it could be a medical condition...but you wouldn't know because you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. One word can bring a happy person crumbling down to the ground, and they may not show it, but it hurts.
  Sure, if you feel a bit on the chubby something about it IF its making you feel uncomfortable. If you're feeling a little short, wear higher platformed shoes BUT only if you want to! People come in all different sizes and all kinds of different shapes...some people a curvy, some people are slim, some people are short, some people are slightly taller, but they are all beautiful. How a person looks shouldn't affect you, its not your body! The only thing about a person that should affect you is their personality, because that's where the real beauty lies. I want you to take one message with you from this post: All people come in different shapes and sizes, but its the size of their heart that really matters.
Thank you for reading!
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots.
   With Love,
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