Friday, 4 April 2014

Feel Good Friday: Friends

Feel Good Friday is upon us once again. You've gone whole week doing school work, university courses, college courses, job seeking, or if you're a lucky one... just plain lounging around.
And I bet what ever you did, you spoke to a friend at least once, BUT, are they actually your friend? Are they treating you how you deserve to be treated?
  I'm only fourteen but I have a lot of friends (in a non-gloaty way), we are all really close and there's about 25 of us that bother every lunch time or when ever possible. Some of them can be quite horrible and walk over others like door mats (I don't bother with these people by the way). This is what  I wanted to talk to you about. If a friend is a true and loyal friend, they will stay true to you, but if your friend has all of a sudden started picking on you, get out of the situation!!! You don't deserve to be picked on, and used as company when they have nobody else; they should spend time with you because they want to, and they should never make you feel like you're second best. If they pick you up and drop you when ever they feel like, they're not worth your company. Go out, find better friends, because you, my loves, can do better.
    Although, having a good friend means you have to be a good friend because, as much as you want a shoulder to cry on, a friend to hug, a smile, shadow or someone to make memories with, you have to be a listener, a hugger, a 'cheerer-upper' and a 'stay-by-your-sider'. So short version, whatever you want in a friend, you should mould yourself to act in that way. So, I like my friends to be truthful, loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind and light hearted, therefor I should be all of those things too. You cannot expect to have a good friend if you aren't one yourself.
I hope I shone some light on the subject if you're in this situation. I am only a tweet or e-mail away ( @FunsizeBeautyTV & )
Thank you for reading! Come back next Friday for more,
  I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
   With Love,

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