Sunday, 9 March 2014

My February Favourites

Hello my little beauties! This post is way overdue, I know... I know you've missed me. Joking aside... last month I was loving my hair products. I did go a bit cray when it came to deciding what to buy from the L'Oreal hair selection in Boots.... So I just went and bought the whole TXT/Studio 4 line... oopsies?
   I recently discovered this texturizing spray after a Zoella YouTube marathon (can't beat it, especially with a cuppa and cosy blankets...hmmmmmm). I have to say, I am in love with the hairspray; it's matt, doesn't make your hair stick in clumps, and if you want volume... this will give you volume like you wouldn't believe. I have also been using the 'MATT&MESSY' salt spray. It is so easy to use, and if you're like myself and can't be bothered to do much with your hair for everyday things, spray a bit of this in, scrunch it, poof it up a bit and you have beachy waves like you wouldn't believe! Alternating with the salt spray, I have been using the TXT Wave Defining Spray, and this is on days when I want a soft curl; it looks so pretty, especially when all of your hair is gathered to one side. Just B-E-A-UTIFUL, that's all I can say.

Now, on to make-up...

Now that we are finally getting a glimpse of sunny weather, I have been loving natural make-up with a youthful eye look and blushed cheeks. It's such an adorable look and it looks great with any outfit or hairstyle!
   My favourite concealer would have to be Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair (another Zoella inspired purchase). I love this concealer, it gives great coverage, goes on evenly and doesn't cake, just beautiful.
   I know I don't need to say anything else about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. It's made an appearance on my blog a few times, and I have also done a review (here), so all I can say is that I will definitely be buying another bottle when this one finishes.
   Maybelline Baby Lips, again, made many appearances on my blog, I love them to bits! They are great to wear under lipstick (especially hydrate) and are perfect to wear alone (my favourite is Cherry Me).
   My e.l.f lipstick... Now if you follow me on Twitter ( @FunsizeBloggerTV ) you will know that I adore e.l.f make-up. It is a fantastic company that sell beautiful quality make-up and at a cheap price, perfect if you're like myself (teen on a budget) and like to get more for your money. I bought This nude shade called Runway Pink, and it's one of their mineral lipsticks. It's a beautiful shade, it stays on all day and is perfect for that natural look.
I hope I gave you some ideas of what to lob into your beauty basket next time,
Thanks for reading,
   I love you lots like Jelly Tots,
     With Love,

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