Monday, 24 February 2014

Montblanc Sport- The Watch Gallery

*Sorry there are no pictures, blogger seems to be playing up lately*
Hello my little beauties! Today I was scrolling through twitter and came across etailPR's tweet saying they are offering one lucky person the chance to win £100 in ASOS vouchers... who doesn't want to have a little shop around on ASOS right? You can enter the contest through The Watch Gallery (here), find out how to do the contest by clicking on this link> So let's get on with the review, shall we?
   I have found a rose gold, rubber strap watch. I am in love with rose gold, and also non-slip watch straps. There's nothing worse than when you're shopping and watch decides to slide have way up your arm or fall of your wrist, because the strap doesn't go any smaller. I love The Watch Gallery's Montblanc Sport-Female watch. It's beautiful.
   I love rose gold, it always looks so simple and casual, but paired with the right outfit it can look sophisticate and chic. I also love that although it's a sports watch it still has that girly/female essence. If I was to wear this watch to do some form of sport I'd probably wear it to go running or something along those lines.
   I know it's just a small post, so apologies.
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