Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Hello Everyone! I've been a little bit on the ill side since the beginning of December, but oh well, onwards and upwards! Onto the actual topic of conversation- New Year's Resolutions! The promises we tell ourselves we are going to keep, whether it's for a healthier lifestyle, or to try more new things, whatever the resolution we know that by the end of February, a third of us would've gone back to the old routine and our old ways.

  My family and I have been discussing New Year's Resolutions for quite some time now, here are mine:
  1. Live a healthier lifestyle. By saying this, I do not mean loose 5 stone and make myself ill. I simply mean to exercise more and choose healthier foods instead of half a packet of biscuits and 2 glasses of pop (soda as you would call it in America). Lemon in water is supposed to help detox the body, thus getting rid of all the bad stuff in your system; especially in the morning as this will also hydrate your body for the day ahead. I will also be drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before my meal. This will fill me up a bit, meaning I won't eat so much, really you should eat until you are 80% full. I am going to stop talking about my new health regime as there will be a post on this later on.
  2.  Volunteer to do something- By this I don't mean volunteer to answer a question in class, I mean at my local church, after school club. I know that doing something nice for somebody besides myself will be much more beneficial than spending time on Facebook and Twitter all the time.
  3. Try new things- For me this will be to exercise or to create a whole new, BETTER me. I am going to make this year memorable, the year I stopped caring what others think, my year.
  4. Work harder. Lately I have found I've been slacking off when it comes to school work, and considering I am sitting the first lot of my GCSEs this year, I think its about time I hit the books and got my head down.
  5. Find the bright side in everything. Being ill for the past month or so has made me feel a bit rubbish and 'down in the dumps' if you will. To make sure that I make this year a good one, I am going to look for the good in every bad and the light in every dark. Positivity may be harder to find than negativity, but it'll be worth it.
  Recently I found a quote on Facebook, it was really inspiring and I think it went something along the lines of "Today is the first page of a 365 page book, start it well." I'm awfully sorry I cannot give this writer the credit of this beautiful quote, but it really did inspire me to make the most of this year and every year after this. Don't do what I did last year and just sit around waiting for 2015, because now is the only moment that really exists.

   I want you to comment below what your New Year's Resolutions and what's one thing you would like to improve on.

Thank You so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and that this brand new year will bring you only the best of opportunities.
I love you lots, like Jelly Tots.
With love,
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