Friday, 10 January 2014

My 2013 Beauty Favourites

*Apologies for any mistakes or anything. Blogger seems to be playing up on my laptop at the moment*
Hello Everybody! 2013 has flown by, and I have used so many beauty products, but only a few stood out when I was writing out my list. This post does contain a lot of the e.l.f make-up brand, but it is very good quality for very little money, being the typical teenager I spend a lot of it on worthless jewellery etc. so e.l.f is always the best place to look. Except for one or two items it is all make-up, but I'm sure you won't mind that will you? So settle down with a nice cup of tea and a warm snuggly blanket, and lets begin!

 First of all skin care... Now. It takes a lot for me to truly be impressed with a skin care product. I don't have the best of skin, especially around my nose and mouth, but I found a lovely skin care pair which has helped me quite a lot during the harsh weather. This is the brand Simple. I was bought a little gift set by my blogger and real life friend Caitlin (I'll put her blog link at the end); it's a wonderful little set with cleansing wipes and a bottle of moisturiser and they came together in a small, but roomy make-up bag. This moisturiser has done wonders for my skin, (you can't tell right now though as I'm off school with the dreaded flu and a muscle spasm in my neck; I'm not having the best of times this week.) and the wipes are fab for those lazy make-up removing days, (DO NOT USE THEM ALL THE TIME TO REMOVE YOUR MAKE-UP OR I WON'T BE IMPRESSED) they leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. I should also add that I have purchased my second pack of wipes.


  Another skin care pair I've enjoyed using is the Body Shop Aloe Vera Cleanse and Tone mini bottles. These have been in the back of my skin care draw for ages! My auntie gave them to me in the summer, never opened and freshly bought. I wasn't all into skin care in the summer *slaps back of hand and scolds myself in the mirror* so they kind of went to the back of the draw. I think it was the last week of November that I was having a sort out and I found them... I'm now finding it hard to live without them. I only have a tiny bit of the toner left so I'm trying to even out the cleanser bottle which has a lot of product left in the bottle. I like to use this at night so I'm nice and clean and fresh to go to bed, plus I find the scent very calming and soothing.

  I think we'll move onto bases from here... Alrighty... I have been loving the e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer. This was originally my mother's, but I managed to get her to share it with me. Now there's a slight problem with the word "share" didn't work. Somehow the sneaky little beast managed to creep it's way back into my make-up draw every night...... It's that amazing... It says exactly what it says on the tin (its a metaphor I know its not an actual tin), maximum coverage. This concealer will cover pretty much any blemish, skin discolouration or dark under eye circle mis-hap. Even though it says concealer, I have been using it as a foundation. It's very creamy and easy to blend and looks lovely on my skin. By the way..... Have you seen the size of the bottle?!?! The amount of product in that beast of a bottle is amazing! I will definitely repurchase this little beauty!

  Now, to apply the concealer I have been using the e.l.f Stipling Brush. I have raved about this to so many of my friends and family, and if you have been reading this blog long enough you would've also seen the post (click here to view). I'm not going to babble and ramble on about this brush because I have a separate review for that, but it is most definitely one of my make-up brush staples for sure.



  Sticking to the topic of e.l.f you will also know I purchased the St. Lucia Blush and Contouring Kit (click here to view). I have used this pretty much everyday that I wear make-up. I will switch it up occasionally, but it is such the perfect kit, it has a mirror and a beautiful blush and bronzer. You might see the bronzer and think, "Hmmm... No, it's not for me, it's way too dark." but you must BLEND! Blending is everything when it comes to contouring. This is definitely a staple in my make-up collection.



  Onto lips. I love the dark cherry red lip with dramatic eye look, BUT! Yes, there's a but. I have an extreme OCD problem with not having a lip balm to hand before applying lipstick. This was no longer a problem once I had discovered....BABY LIPS!!! I had waited months and months for these little babies to be released in the UK, and it was most definitely worth the wait. These little beauties are absolutely fab! they are so moisturising! I have all three available in my local boots store. The ones I have are:
  • Pink Punch
  • Cherry me
  • Hydrate

I must say hydrate is definitely my favourite to apply before any lip colour. 

I find that Pink Punch can leave your teeth look slightly stained.


 And well when it comes to Cherry Me... I'm just the pits when it comes to a red lip look.


  Talking about red lip looks, I'm in love with the Kate Moss lipstick in 107. The only down side is that its matte, and I prefer shiny lipsticks but oh well. I saw this colour on Zoe (Zoella) and I just fell in love with it. We all know Zoe's teeth are already beautifully white but the lipstick just shows it a little more. This is why I love the colour; I have an obsession with my teeth looking stained (even though they're not), so this definitely gives me a confidence boost.





  So, as you can see I have a lot of favourites for 2013 and I hope to extend my collection further and bring you a lot more beauty reviews etc.
  I hope you enjoyed reading today's little post. Thank you for reading and I would like to know what your 2013 beauty favourites are!
I love you lots, like Jelly Tots.
With love, Funsize (Katie) xx

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