Monday, 9 December 2013

Have Yourself A Lush Little Christmas

*Sorry I'm a bit behind on updates*

Hello Everybody!!! A few weeks ago, I went to Lush. I bought two little pampering treats for myself, just so I could have a little pamper evening.

   I bought the 'Secret Santa' bath bomb. It smells like Christmas spices, like cinnamon and I just couldn't stop myself. This was a must have.

It turns your bath water green. You probably think I'm telling fibs now....but I'm serious.

I also bought 'The Christmas Penguin'. This smells really fresh, like clean laundry. It's just so amazing. You know that refreshing 'winter' smell you get when you walk outside in the cold? This is it! This isn't a bath bomb though, this is a bubble bar. You crumble it under running water and it creates bubbles. It's amazing.

It turns your bath water a really pretty turquoise colour.

It looks green here, but I'm standing in the light haha.

The best thing about LUSH products is that everything used is good for your skin. It hydrates, soothes and is gentle to the skin. They're just full of good stuff really!

Thanks for reading,
    I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
With love

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