Wednesday, 4 December 2013

For The Girls and The Guys

 Hello Everybody!!! So let's review; so far you have had a snuggle up post, a favourites post, and a playlist post. I  thought a little stocking filler guide would be great, so let us begin!!!
   I personally, enjoy to make little gifts, or put little goody bags together, here are just a few ideas of what I'd put in a stocking.

For the Girls:

  • Every girl loves smellies or make-up. How about you try buying her a bath bomb or a new lipstick?
  • I love to decorate my nails, I don't get round to it half the time though. But why don't you go on the hunt for some jazzy Christmas nail designs, and get the colours to do so.
  • A gift card is another good idea. It could be for iTunes or New Look, but a gift card is a time saver, and there's no 'SHOCK HORROR' faces if you buy a bad present. Both sides win!
  • Chocolate. Milk. Dark. White. Chocolate. I have a very sweet tooth. I love sweeties and chocolate, but there's always something about Terry's Chocolate Orange that makes everything feel like Christmas. Why don't you try settling on buying loads of sweets and chocolate, and give a choco-block hamper?
For the Guys:
  • I know for a fact that all of my friends love music!!! A  gift card is always an option?
  • A hat. If you're like me, you can't stand to see people outside without hats, gloves, scarves and sometimes even a coat. I think a scarf would be in order here.
  • A DVD bundle. Ask your guy friend(s) what their favourite movie(s) are, and put a few of them in a stocking. Sorted!
I will be back  soon with a stocking filler post for parents.
 Thank you for reading,
   I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
    With love,
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