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e.l.f Beauty Review

*I apologise for the poor quality photos and I will put all links to the products at the end*.
Hello Everybody! In yesterdays post I mentioned e.l.f Cosmetics, I thought I'd give you a cheeky little review.

    Yesterday I mentioned a few products. If you remember, they were the Stippling Brush, Complexion Brush, Eyelid Primer and the beautiful St. Lucia blusher/bronzer kit. For an extremely inexpensive brand of make-up the quality is amazing and super pigmented!                              
    The brushes are very good quality.

The Complexion Brush and Stippling Brush

   The Complexion Brush (left) is extremely soft and applies product beautifully. I have received many compliments from family if I've applied make-up with this brush. It doesn't cake the make-up, but makes it look smooth and gives soft edges. Its amazing for contouring and blush; it's basically and all round face brush. I would highly recommend this brush, it's absolutely amazing!
   The Stippling Brush (right) is great for both heavy coverage and air-brush looks! Personally I prefer the air-brush look. It gives the face a natural 'no make-up make-up' look. It's brilliant for covering spots, scarring and blemishes, but is a bit tricky to fit under the eye. I know they have a smaller stippling brush for this, which I would suggest buying if you're like me and would rather not go blind. I always blamed my foundation for it caking and going all smudgey but it turns out it's the way you apply it.

St. Lucia blush/bronzer kit

Ignore the primer, I'll move onto that in a little while.

   As you can see, the blusher and bronzer are extremely pigmented, so you only need a little and it goes a LONG way! The colours are really pretty and girly, and these colours look gorgeous in the autumn/winter seasons. You can wear this kit day-time or night-time; versatile I guess you'd call it. It come is a matte black case like this one.......

It also has a mirror inside. I like the mirror because it isn't too small or too big, it's just the right size for your handbag. If you have an extra £3.75 you MUST go and pick this up, it's worth it. 

The Eyelid Primer

   Before I start, the primer does not come out pink. I've had this primer on all day and my eyeshadow is still on! I was a bit sceptical at first and thought it would be like the rest, but it isn't! It's actually really good. I was a bit afraid in case it was sticky or slimy, but it goes on and stays on. Now I'm not going to sit here and type paragraphs upon paragraphs about ( a very good ) eyelid primer, so I'm going to draw this post to a close.

      Thank you so much for reading
I love you lots like Jelly Tots
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