Thursday, 31 October 2013

Christmas Is Almost Here!!!

*WARNING* HYPED UP GIRL. THIS HAS BEEN CAUSED BY EATING TOO MANY SWEETS ON HALLOWEEN (I do not celebrate this time of year, but I didn't want to feed some stranger's kids either, oopsies?)

    Hey Everybody! I know it's October and I'm already mentioning the 'C' word (just embrace it); yes, that's right I'm talking about, *insert drum roll here*, CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! I am like a little kid during this time of year. I love everything Christmas-y like the festive-ness, the warm drinks (I love hot chocolate a bit too much, chocoholic is an understatement OK? STOP JUDGING ME *dramatic look and face cover*), the decorations, the lights in town, the turkey, family time, snow so I have an excuse not to venture outside the door, THE CHRISTMAS TREE...

     I will be the first to admit that I already have my mini, well I lie, 4ft tree up in my bedroom (half decorated because I ran out of beads and lights and baubles). I may have also started my Christmas shopping. It's normally done by the end of September but.......... I WENT CLOTHES SHOPPING INSTEAD!!!!! I'll save that for a later date.

    I know it's such a random, out-of-the-blue, off schedule (which is now a Sunday, I will let you know otherwise via Twitter), but because Halloween (mahn I hate this time of year) is so morbid I thought I'd lighten your spirits a little and start talking about Christmas haha! I am working on some crafty things for Christmas like bunting and stockings and tree skirts etc. so I will keep you posted on that.
    Thank you for reading this, even though it was a complete waste of time and remember,
I love you lots, like Jelly Tots,

 Happy Halloween,
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