Saturday, 19 October 2013

Change Up Your Look For Autumn

Hey Everyone! Man have I missed you! I've been busy with school and spending time with friends and family and I guess I haven't had the time to blog, I do apologise.
        So Autumn is here and the cold weather is coming so it's time to wrap up, create a new look and see what the beautiful season has to offer!!

Earthy, neutrals, darks and reds are the colours I tend to go for at this time of year. On a cold day, if you're staying in my I suggest pyjamas? Unless you know you have visitors coming over stay in your pyjamas, the cosiest and most comfortable things possible. Going outside? Then you need all the layers you can get! I tend to go for light denim, black, or ruby tone jeans during the autumnal season. You can't beat a comfortable pair of jeans, a cosy jumper and a peter pan collar to add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit! Boots are my weakness, I simply cannot pass up a good pair of boots, especially tan boots!!! They are so comfortable and go with just about anything and everything! Now that it's starting to get a bit chilly outside you need coats and scarves, and hats and gloves. A parka is always best, especially the army/khaki coloured coats and if it's fur lined you're in for a treat!!! I normally go for a lightweight coat like a parka or a body warmer mainly because it's not so cold you need your whole wardrobe layered on top of you, but just something to keep out the cold. Plus, you don't need a thick heavy coat if you have loads of layers on. I have an unhealthy obsession with scarves, hats and gloves, the cosier the better!!! When buying a scarf I usually go for a snood. I don't like to buy jackets with hoods mainly because I get them caught in bags or they get stuck to hangers and the stitches pull etc. If I wear a snood it doubles as a scarf and then a hood when I need it and also a hat because you can pull it over your head. Gloves...There are so many kinds, there are mittens and fingered gloves and fingerless gloves that double as mittens and arm warmers etc.


In the Autumn/Winter I like to stick to warm, earthy colours like maroons, browns, golds, etc. I feel like those colours add a nice warm glow to the look. During Autumn and Winter we all have bright red, rosy cheeks, so I don't bother with contouring but a nice light pink blush. Eyeshadow!!! I have fallen in love with eyeshadow this past month and it is my new make-up staple! Like I said, I like to stick to neutrals during Autumn and Winter. I love a smokey eye, especially with winged eyeliner. Brown eyeliner looks so pretty with a smokey eye and 3 coats of brown/black mascara on the TOP lashes and a bit of brown kohl pencil on the bottom creates a great eye make-up look. I don't like to draw attention to my teeth so I stick to a rosy lip stain and lip balm (I've been using Pink Punch by Maybelline all month, its a beautiful colour, smells nice and isn't too sheer, but isn't to bold either).


I always think that hair always looks so pretty down, but it's something about Autumn that makes it look so much prettier. For some girls, wearing their hair down isn't an option in the Autumn, because the wind seems to hate beautifully straightened/curled hair!!! A top-knot is usually my go to hair-style in the colder months because it's quick and it's easy and I don't have to wake up early to mess about with my hair. I also love the fishtail braids, especially on ombre/dip-dyed/highlighted hair as all the different tones really show up. I sometimes like to combine the two styles and have a braided bun with my fringe (bangs) french braided into the bun, it's such a gorgeous and unique hairstyle, it's great!

Right, well this was an extra long blog post today to make up for all the times I've missed my Sunday uploads. Once again, I apologise for not uploading!

I love you all, my little Funsize Followers,
 Love you lots, like Jelly Tots,
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