Saturday, 7 September 2013

YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter

Sorry not many blog posts have gone up recently I've just been super busy. Today I would like to explain to you why I don't have a YouTube account and i don't put pictures of me on my Instagram and Tumblr and why I don't give you my personal Twitter and Facebook.

   The reason is I've only told very few people about this blog I have so I wouldn't like someone from school who I haven't told to find my blog click on my links (In the Contact Me tab) and be hurt because I haven't told them. I am planning on telling the rest of my friends and family soon. I also don't give you my personal accounts for my social media because my private Facebook is to get in touch with friends and family, as much as I'd love to meet/speak to every single blog viewer of mine and say thank you to you for reading my blog I can't unfortunately.

     My social media I use for this blog are usually to make sure that you lovely people get updates every time I post/will be writing a post or any changes etc.

    YouTube. Why don't I have a YouTube Channel? I am not fussed on plastering my face all over the Internet. I like to stay in my room in jammi's writing my blog and reviewing new products instead of sit in front of a camera knowing that one day possibly 100's of people will be watching me and for the reason I don't want anyone else to know except for friends and family yet. So no girl who sits next to me in Art or any boy that sits next to me in R.E. Just me, my blog and maybe a cheeky hot chocolate in between.
    I hope you understand why now, I will hopefully get a channel in the future but for now I'll keep myself in the dark. I would really appreciate it if you could follow and like my social media pages links are in the contact me tab.

    Thank You so much for reading spread the word, tell your family, tell your friends.
     Love you Lots like Jelly Tots,
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