Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Monthly Favourites

Hello Everybody!!! Happy 1st of September! Hope you enjoyed your summer, but now, sadly to say summer is over and the colder months are coming in....*shut up Katie you sound like a flipping weather girl!*
   This month I have had a quite a lot of favourites from make-up to hair products from YouTube videos to let's get started!
   My favourite make-up items I used/bought this month are my BareMinerals foundation and mineral veil (I'll put the link to that post at the end). My Clarins make-up palette and I absolutely love the blusher in this, it's matt and it's a pretty peachy, pink colour. Also the eyeshadows in this are absolutely gorgeous, there's a gold one with a hint of peach running through it (called pink frost) and then there's a darker tone which I would say is a dark grey but it's not; apparently its a dark green...(called silver green). An amazing palette if I may say so myself. My favourite lip products this month will have to be my 17 berry crush lip stain in the darker tone (doesn't say the name on the product sorry) and my Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Both of these lip products look great in the summer as they are both natural and don't leave your face looking to heavy in make-up!
   My favourite hair products I have bought this month are my Umberto Giannini Beauty Secrets Moisture Mask for my hair and my Umberto Giannini Instant Beauty Silky Soft Leave-In conditioner. (sorry there's not many hair favourites, i usually stick to the same stuff).
    My favourite scent this month has to be my Soap&Glory Mist You Madly body mist, it's so light and refreshing and it's nearly all gone... sadly...
   My favourite YouTube video series this month has to be Tyler Oakley's SPECIAL AUGUEST, not once did I miss a video and now I'm going to miss them when I go back to school. Thank you so much for hilarious videos Tyler! They never failed to make me laugh.
   My favourite songs of the month will have to be:

Troye Sivan- We're My OTP
Troye Sivan- The Fault in Our Stars
Emma Blackery- Go The Distance
Emma Blackery- The Promise
The Vamps- Can We Dance

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post everyone! Unfortunately I will not be able to upload much over the next few weeks as I'm go back to school, but I promise you I will try to!

BareMinerals review- 

Love you Lots like Jelly Tots,
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