Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Starting Up a Make-Up Kit? Here Are My Tips!!

Hello my Funsize followers!! I hope you're doing well!! Today I'm going to give you little tips on starting up you make-up kit.

In my make up bag(s) these items often occur and I'll probably have 2 or 3 of each product. Overall though you'll probably just need these:
  • A concealer with good coverage, or if you're blessed with gorgeous skin, light to medium may be best for you.
  • Foundation isn't a must when you're starting to wear make-up but if you want something use as a base, use BB Cream, it's light and easier to apply quickly if you're in a rush.
  • I would say to choose a light pink/nude Blusher to give you a healthy and natural look.
  • When choosing eyeliner, don't go for something to bold like black. Start off with a brown kohl pencil and create a natural eye look, when you feel confident you can do eyeliner then go onto the black liquid liners, gels and pencils.
  • Mascara always makes you look for awake I find. If you buy a waterproof mascara it'll hold a curl longer, but like the eyeliner choose Brown/Black to start off with and later if you want your lashes looking a bit more dramatic you can go ahead and apply black mascara instead.
  • Apply rosy lip colours can make your teeth appear whiter and barbie pink colours can make your teeth look stained if you haven't whitened them or they look naturally stained (don't worry I'm in the same boat as you). I would buy a lip balm and a lip stain as you're moisturising and giving your lips a long lasting colour throughout the day.
I hope you enjoyed today's beauty blog and my August favourites will be up on Sunday 1st September so make sure you keep checking for updates on my:
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