Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pampering Up After A Long Day

Pampering. We all love it. The face mask and the cucumbers, the clean hair and the candles, we love it all. So I suggest that if you want to unwind, get a hot chocolate (WITH marsh mallows, can't forget those bad boys), sit back and enjoy reading this post.

  When I have a pamper evening, I usually like to start it at 5 o'clock or after Tea/Dinner.
  I start by getting into those comfy jammi's, running the bath and cleansing my face free of all the make up. I remove my make up with Baby Oil (Johnson's) and cotton wool pads, as its gentle on the skin, and if it's ok for a baby then its great for me right? I then go and wash the oil off my face with my face-wash, I would advice a gentle cleanser (I recommend Cetaphil).

  By now the bath has finished running. I usually put bubbles in my bath and a bath bomb (LUSH make the nicest ones). I lay and chill out for about 15 minutes then I exfoliate those arms and legs (after you shaved your legs though, obviously) and I will probably have Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub to hand which is like a brown sugary texture. I go ahead and apply that and then my arms and legs are all silky smooth I wash my hair with Soap and Glory shampoo and apply a conditioning hair mask which is by Umberto Gianni (smells great and makes my hair feel great). I wait until the mask has done it's magic and wash it out. I usually like to rinse my hair twice the amount of times than I did when I rinsed off the shampoo.

  I then get out the bath dry off and moisturise, I wouldn't advice one that takes too long to dry or is too sticky, it's not nice waiting for it to dry. I also apply my Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It face mask, and walk around looking like Shrek (the mask is green, I dont always look like Shrek).
  Whilst the mask is doing it's job I go upstairs lie on my bed and watch my favourite Youtubers whilst sipping at a cold glass of water. I wash the mask of after 10 Minutes and apply my Aveeno moisturiser which is super gentle on sensitive skin!

  I personally don't like to paint my nails, I'd rather go and get them done but i suppose you could add that in to your routine.

  After I've done my skin care routine and had a bath I like to blowdry and straighten my hair for the next day, it normally takes me 30-40 minutes to sort out my hair and then for the rest of the night I lie back and chill out.

  Have fun trying this out yourself,
   Love you lots like jelly tots,

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