Sunday, 25 August 2013

Can't Cover Those Dark Circles Eh?

(Disclaimer- I have blogged today I know, but I was bored and decided I would share my tips on concealing those nasty dark under eye circles, 'cause girl you don't need that).

   After I've done my skin care routine, like moisturiser and all the boring stuff I go ahead and apply my 17 Photo Flawless skin primer (which I purchased at Boots) and apply that around my eyes, and under my brow bone. Making sure the primer is even and there's no lumps I go ahead and apply my concealer (at the moment I am using Natural Collection concealer in fair, I also purchased this at Boots). When applying your concealer make sure you don't get orange streaks under your eyes because it wont look nice after the last step. Finally, take your pressed or loose powder (I use 17 Matt Miracle in translucent, which I bought at Boots) and dust it over your concealer with a fluffy eye shadow brush so your concealer doesn't move, because we don't want our concealer melting off our faces and going places now, do we? HECK TO THE NO!

   Also if you want to brighten up your eyes a bit, take your highlighter and put it on the inner corner of your eye to give your eyes a little more of an awake look.

    I hope you enjoyed my quick little beauty tip.
        Love you lots like jelly tots,

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